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Blog Reviews of Robbed

Stayc’s Book Blog

I find it so hard to believe that this is her first novel, it was written so well! The eloquent language used was a breath of fresh air.

I was drawn in right from the very first chapter.

This author has captured the emotions perfectly.

Collector of Book Boyfriends

I loved CL’s writing, it’s well paced, fluent and very descriptive. Her development of the storyline and characters was awesome and she delivered a beautiful story with an even more beautiful ending.

The last thing I have left to say is THANK YOU, CL SAYERS! For writing such amazing book, with not only a new book boyfriend for me, but also a book girlfriend. I can relate with her in so many levels, and I love her for the decisions she made, especially in the end.


Books and Tequila

Robbed is the debut book from author CL Sayers but it doesn’t feel like that. The writing is captivating from the beginning and pulls you straight in…

Once Upon a Book Blog

I found the story-line to be fun and entertaining. I enjoyed the fast pace and the idea of the story. Even though this story is fast paced and an overall short read, it hits all the marks. This story pulled me in from the very beginning and had me wanting to know more. I enjoyed the characters and found them easy to connect with. I think the author did an excellent job with the issues that Olivia went through. She made it easy to understand where Olivia came from and why her actions were the way that they were.

Amazon Reader 1

I loved this book! It was a great book from a debut author and I laughed out loud at times.

SubClub Books

Well written with fleshed out characters. I can’t believe that this is a debut book! If you’re looking for something fresh this should be your pick!


Bangor Belles Book Blog

This is a debut novel for this author, and I gotta say, she done a pretty darned good job.

Well worth picking up and escaping into !!


Sweet Spot Sisterhood

If you’ve ever been bullied then this book will strike such a chord with you, it will bring memories back giving you all those feelings again.


Sassy Book Club

Robbed is C.L. Sayers debut book. It was quite an impressive debut. This is second chance romance definitely hits you on an emotional level. It grabbed my attention from the very beginning. C.L. Sayers definitely takes you on an emotional journey.


Amazon Reader 2

Gaawwddddd this story tore me up…just gutted me. I FLOVED every minute of it. You can only feel what Livvy feels while reading about her story. I mean it’s real life issues that people deal with everyday.


Romancing Reads

What a fantastic debut book! I cannot believe this is the author’s first book,


Amazon Reader 3

I am freaking impressed that this is a debut novel! Wow! I loved it! C.L. Sayers gives us a little bit of everything in this second chance romance! I laughed, I cried and I did some MAJOR swooning!

C.L. Sayers had me entranced from the beginning of the story. That prologue. WHOA.


Goodreads Reader 1

Wow great debut book from the lovely CL Sayers!!!

If this is what you write for your debut then I’m sticking around to see what you bring us next!!!!

Great story full of fun angst & love!

Livvy & Fin were destined to be together and managed to fight through to stay that way!


Recommended Reads

I really enjoyed this book. I’m always a bit hesitant on debut authors.

I’m so glad I took the chance.

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